Swiss bank rolls out: Free password runs IPhone application

The personal code with banner on March 16, 2010 whole world mixes Su Li age online bank announces filestore today roll out free IPhone application program- - DataInherit Password Safe. This application process makes the user of world each district can manage at any time and place with the visit its password. In addition, depend on inside the data of buy is successive function, it still has conspicuous security and unique lash-up protection capacity. With other application the program differs, dataInherit centers the password memory to be in center of data of its Switzerland bank. Through centering memory, the client needs an input only or change a code, can use a code at any time through any equipment next. Central data center still has outstanding protective function, prevent data to lose, maintain client data for a long time.  Come from DSwiss Ltd. all DataInherit online safe all by Switzerland the expert develops online bank safety, have irrevocable technical function, ensure DSwiss is mixed any tripartite cannot be examined or visit client password or file. Andreas Jacob of chief inspector of DSwiss client business expresses: "A lot of clients ask we offer DataInherit Password Safe in the light of IPhone in succession. They can have used our online service easily, but still hope to be able to provide this kind of service in the light of the mobile phone, enjoy bigger advantage thereby. We already exert oneself is used easily at letting it become simple, at the same time do one's best stresses the main good point that uses a program: Get a password quickly when need. " DataInherit old client can download DataInherit application process from ITunes shop. New client can open free account on Http://, whole process need not a minute, can use IPhone application program instantly. - - free account can be opened on Http:// - can pass an apple (the DataInherit online safe that Apple) ITunes shop downloads free IPhone to apply brief introduction of program DataInherit Password DataInherit to face personal code and filestore by Switzerland one family letter ceases asset bank DSwiss Ltd. Offer. The digital capital fund that DataInherit raises increasingly in the light of importance (include password, code, important file and data) the applied program that offers perfect safeguard and intelligence to change for individual and enterprise. New the IPhone application process that roll out is this company the plan is in what future brings a client inside 3 years a series of innovation products among them one of.  

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