Taiwan acting factory: The 4th acting IPhone will use aggrandizement glass

If WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) congress comes on stage the problem suspects greatly before taking an examination of: The crust of new generation IPhone that will come on stage in June, can you be aggrandizement glass? Taiwan manufacturer sends a message that come, afterwards uses Kang Ning (Gorilla of Corning) aggrandizement glass as screen glass substrate hind, the crust of new generation IPhone also can convert Gorilla glass. Look from backside, will have hollow-out the effect. If this message comes true, the convention of according to apple, the IPod of new generation also can catch up with the footstep of IPhone, change exterior design. To this hearsay, kang Ning public relations expresses, disadvantageous make to any messages answer. Gorilla glass is complacent master piece of Kang Ning, because pass chemical aggrandizement,allege, because this is prevented,blow, be able to bear or endure fall, wear-resisting. Suit those who be used in the mobile phone to touch especially dominate screen over. Current, gorilla glass already applied at exceeding 70 unit product and 17 brands at present. Mobile phone manufacturer included Motolora, SamSung, LG and NEC to wait. Nevertheless, before new generation IPhone comes on stage formally, do not have a person to be able to pat chest to assure to be guessed so that follow Qiaobusi's idea. Send a pass on a message that come at present, included mobile phone of new fund IPhone to be expected to embark more high-speed shows chip, and better OLED face plate and photography camera lens. Still another message points out, IPhone hits the much point that rolls out before imitated apple accuse mouse Magic Mouse: The mobile phone carries housing on the back to also can much dot touchs the function that control. Also the message points out, IPhone will change adopt double standard design, support the 3G system of WCDMA and CDMA2000 at the same time.

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