Stanford university: Student user becomes addiction madly to IPhone

Foreign media reports now, american Stanford university used the undergraduate of malic IPhone to undertake the state is investigated use to 200, discover their dependence to IPhone the level that degree had reached addiction.  The level that investigation personnel divides according to 1-5 asks the undergraduate makes component to oneself, it is complete addiction 5 minutes, it is 1 minute complete not addiction. Findings shows, of 10% suffer visited a student to hit 5 minutes to oneself, the person of 34% gives ego grading 4 minutes, hit scale of 1 minute to have 6% only. Nevertheless, think oneself have not be over of complete addiction of 32% suffer the person that visit to express, they fear they also are met finally become addiction completely to IPhone. Suffer the person that visit to express, before the apple rolls out IPhone, they want a journey to have to print a map first, simple operation has in brain, saunter everywhere seek good dining room, must watch YouTube video through jotter. They think, the day before IPhone is a paragraph of dark period. Investigation shows, the person of 15% says IPhone lets them cannot leave network media, the person that has 41% states the day that does not have IPhone will be tragic, the person assist IPhone of 30% is " the window that views the world " , the person of 25% thinks IPhone is had " dangerous appeal " ; Even the person of 7% shows, oneself roommate or companionate meeting play IPhone for long because of oneself desolate they and feel malcontent. Investigation still shows, of 9% suffer the person that visit to state he is right IPhone function know sth like the palm of one's hand, the suffers the person that visit to say not to let others touch his IPhone of 3% , the gets the person that visit to give his even love chance of 3% had nickname. Stanford university teachs Tan Ya Luerman (Tanya Luhrmann) expresses, he does not think infatuation IPhone is kind of insalubrious hobby, the pitch that makes psychogenic disorder to consuming the infatuation of electronic product to whether be achieved still remains to observe, and the life that IPhone also improved consumer really and working quality. He points out, of 70% suffer visit a student to think IPhone lets him more arrange time as a whole, the person of 54% thinks IPhone improved their study efficiency, the person of 74% states IPhone lets him feel very fashionable; These are the advantages that IPhone brings.  

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