IKey of malic new patent: IPhone will change electronic key

Come from the message of foreign media, the apple is developing the name is " IKey " new technology and patent application, the plan lets IPhone and IPod Touch replace traditional key. When IKey can let people go out, need to carry all sorts of keys no longer, the lock of each places such as the car that should use the IPhone that has electronic key function to be able to open his only, home, desk, what the user should do is the password is inputted in IPhone. In the new patent that announced this recently, the apple joined function of close quarters communication to IPhone, can send radio wave PIN to pile up the gate that installed an electron to lock up chip, when password input is correct, the lock can be opened automatically. The apple hopes the user replaces the tool such as catenary of magnetic card, key with IPhone. The chip in the key chip in IPhone and door lock is OK and mutual conjugate, if input password mistake, door lock will give out alarm sound, send admonitory information to give the mobile phone of owner. Had had manufacturer of a few cars at present, include to run quickly, IKey system is used in beginning Ling Zhi, Feng Tian to plan the new model in them.

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