The IPhone of IT deputy floorboard of SanDisk is " the most doughty equipment "

SanDisk company is the whole world is the greatest show fast data storage to block one of product suppliers, the product of this company is applied extensively to smartphone, computer and camera. Recently, " fortune (Forbes) " deputy to the IT of SanDisk total Ravi Naik undertook the magazine interview, spoke of what IPhone regards commerce as the tool going qualitative. " fortune (Forbes) " : What technology or equipment is what your individual likes most? Perhaps say, in your life and job, what equipment provides most help to you. Naik: What I use at most is IPhone. I live daily in almost every thing needs to use IPhone. Call, send and receive Email, get online, return the company wall bulletin that can get company high level to look surely, these are the IPhone in me is finished. IPhone is the equipment with the sole the most doughty function in all device that I had used. " fortune (Forbes) " : These ever were the fields that blackberry all provides it seems that. Whether do you think IPhone can replace blackberry, work to yours at least for? Naik: Interesting is, I also once was the user of blackberry, I also had used the BlackJack of SamSung and Palm. However, my discovery serves as a tool, IPhone is more doughty. IPhone owns formidable developer network, I think after this IPhone can have competition ability more. Right, it is a very powerful tool.

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