Predicting autumn IPad and IPhone can unite a system to use

According to foreign media coverage, the apple should be in autumn just mixes IPad likely this year union of IPhone operating system rises. Come round to say with respect to eye, what IPhone moves is OS 3.1.3, and IPad will run OS 3.2. The outside thinks generally, will release new generation IPhone June this year, still will bring OS 4.0 at the same time. A lot of people of course ground thinks, the apple can use this one new OS, will integrate the operating system of IPad and IPhone. However, media points out, the apple predicts to want autumn to just can be lifted from this arrange. OS 4.0 will include a lot of new functions, no matter how we hope IPad also can use OS 4.0, but to the apple, should be inside so short time both compatible, not be an easy thing. I hope the apple can be in 9, will release OS 4.1 October, such OS not only repair the problem of 4, at the same time compatible also IPad and IPhone, where is what is there against it?

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