Malic App Store continues to sweep Xiang Su to cover software to do it

Apple since cleared and indelicate software, function after simple software, will clean big brush to extend again now to convention application process. Those use applied process to make a service normally, and the applied program that use RSS pattern plate or becomes will escape hard to rob. According to foreign media analysis, the apple does not use software maker or software pattern plate to developer instead, dan Ping thinks if really, since Web edition applies a program to be able to fulfil these functions, does that need this locality application why? The apple is not such absolutely affection, they offer modification proposal to the developer of a few software that are worth to stay. The plan of development business Appmakr that famous software makes a tool adds In-app to buy on their software, remind immediately, the visit leaving a line, transverse mode that browse is waited a moment. And the software of too simple to those functions convention, the apple is done not have so be happy to help a person. From the point of the surface, apple the action of this paragraph of time appears very callous, do not give development side of business show mercy. But understandable is, malic no more than wants to create the use experience of an extraordinary to the user. The apple needs to make an as different as Web edition software platform. The user of extraordinary experiences the ultimate goal that is malic place pursuit.

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