The annihilative blow of UniCom of TD-SCDMA edition IPhone?

Mobile president Wang Jianzhou is told to media reporter during two meetings, chinese shift is negotiating with malic company all the time the cooperative matters concerned of IPhone, daydream making a person. People can'ts help wanting to ask, malic company has rolled out the IPhone mobile phone that is based on WCDMA network with Chinese UniCom collaboration and run what already amounted to half an year became long, although the apple is in the mainland to did not sign exclusive agreement, but after all it has poured go back to the 2G times that is based on GSM again unlikely, say apple and in mobile negotiation, does preparation roll out the IPhone that is based on TD-SCDMA standard in China? Have this kind is likely. The apple has alleged it seems that before cooperate with Verizon company, the malic IPhone mobile phone that rolls out supportive CDMA-2000 this year. If this message is belonged to solid, so it is telegraphic to China also will be a major interest good, and to Chinese shift character, make a person awkward more apparently. To turn round this kind of awkward inferior position situation, chinese shift continues to make the effort that cooperates with the apple accord with logic. And if once the apple is affirmatory roll out the IPhone mobile phone that is based on TD standard, so the author dare envisage this to will bring result of what kind of volatile concussion scarcely, it is no matter to malic oneself, mobile to China still, go up in capital market at least, two stock market price will fly towering. And this to Chinese UniCom character, also will be a monstrous disaster! Divide this and outside, figure can presumingly only, chinese shift continues to play malic card, or is psywar art, the other product such as the IPad that or is pair of apples somewhat conspire. The China that perhaps may be great ambition lofty or bottomless is mobile, wearing in conspire what connects the feat that essential expect is less than ordinary people. We hope so, I wish answer to a riddle is opened at an early date, give people a clear view.

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