Ought not to Microsoft employee use malic IPhone publicly really?

The spouse that international reported to this resembles you on March 17 is mixed avowedly other man / the woman flirts. This is embarrassed, the state that makes a person exceeding and pained. The problem is, according to the report of wall street daily, many Microsoft employee love to use IPhone very much actually. Not long ago, steve Ballmer ever was patted pretend to walk sodden the IPhone of an employee. This report points out, microsoft employee avoids to take out the malic product that they use when the party to the utmost, have the Microsoft stuff that is as high as 10% even, it is early with respect to submit to under the glamour of malic king. Change in economy frequent, the times of working precarious, employee is spent to the faithfulness of the enterprise, cannot mix naturally in the past " from one and eventually " times photograph is compared. Because although you are right the company is faithful, also can not get opposite get one's own back certainly. But IPhone of if the employee of Microsoft is peaceful optional choose, is not quite good? Be opposite at least them, the answer is affirmative. But is this kind of behavior bad really? While ad firm is serving a customer, their employee often did not use this product (distain under the counter even in that way thing) . I must admit, I had made ad of things of very successful baby shampoo and female sex hygiene, but myself also need not those things. If the report of wall street daily is true, so the behavior of Microsoft employee, bigger the state of mind that reveals a those people partially, the actor bad of product of and rather than. If the IPhone of Microsoft is used person by picky, this report gives the style of high level of that company management. If those are seen use the person of IPhone, can feel awkwardness and uneasiness, that worries about that future on behalf of them probably, exhaust can the allergy that the ground does not cause a high level. is the sort of employee ability in Microsoft the rapidly go up in the world inside this organization, rise step by step? Although still have a small number of people, be like Eugene Lim of Microsoft software engineer, use private time according to the newspaper, how does public discourse develop IPhone application program, most person still auxes would rather furtive, lest be regarded as a traitor. This problem also creates difference it seems that in the senior high level of Microsoft. Occupy a newspaper nevertheless, microsoft announced a policy of new mobile phone charge 2009: Company only the smartphone of software of accessorial use Windows Phone serves cost. In the final analysis, it is Microsoft employee or administrative high level no matter, their clearest thinking is probably: Why don't we make that thing? Our true insufficient cruel?

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