Supereminent FPS blows hard " Rage " be about to land IPhone

The environment of whole modes of life and relation to their environment of IPhone now already more and more perfect, more and more developer begin to put focus on malic App Store. The message comes out now IPhone platform another your work " Rage " development has entered end to be about to release. " Rage " it is game of fire of a the first person, have very giant story clue and carefree game experience. At present the developer of this game says this game is developed at present had entered end, debug the job in what have a few later period at present, this work predicts to meet exhibit greatly at the E3 game this year on announce. Use IPhone at the appointed time or IPad can download this game. Introducing this to the evaluation developer of this game will be a very outstanding fire game, can overturn your view to mobile phone game. From the cover of game we see the picture is exceedingly elegant, the friends that like sport of FPS this type can want to pay close attention to this game.

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