Malic interior personnel divulges: Will release IPhone 4G on June 1

Malic IPhone has numerous faithful vermicelli made from bean starch, expect to issueing generation IPhone product to be full of, the concept that ever had appeared to make a variety of IPhone 4G on the network before this is designed. Come from the newest report of Hdblog website, the hearsay shows the apple will announce IPhone 4G formally on June 1. This one message comes from malic research and the email that design group member Steve Scott, the information of new IPhone was divulged in mail. "Malic company will hold a news briefing to roll out IPhone 4G on June 1, return now can divulge is relevant detail, IPhone 4G will be one is compared before finer installation, added a lot of new functions. " if this character is belonged to solid, proved the apple is implementing new strategy, with promoting the market of IPhone portion further, encourage an user to await new facility.

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