Old subject matter plays new corpse " ZombieSmash " game put on sale

ZombieSmash of game of defence of a corpse already was now on App Store frame, price 1.19 pound (1.99 dollars) , roll out by Gamedoctors, support IPhone and IPod Touch, requirement OS 3.0 or above. Although this ZombieSmash still is the old theme that hits corpse, nevertheless the defence set of game is around move of a house, this set is scarcer, because this also lets game,play the feeling that rise fresher. Game was revealed with quite meticulous 2D picture that little room under is besieged in countless corpse, be inside is to live and fight hard of the move Joey. The operation touching screen of IPhone/iPod Touch also makes hit corpse to come easier and some more violently. The player can smash corpse, play flying corpse, perhaps use weapon self-defence. Star can appear after killing corpse every time, the player can be clicked win tiny spot, so that be used later,will buy a weapon.

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