Nexus One upgrades join network of high speed 3G to be opposite battle IPhone

According to foreign media coverage, the Nexus One mobile phone that cereal song company had left to the banner recently undertook a function upgrade, the Nexus One after upgrading can be in with the IPhone of malic company same high speed moves in wireless network, more intense competition will develop between Nexus One and IPhone. Upgrade the Nexus One mobile phone of version appears on the market at 16 days, in the 3G network that can be in American AT&T company move smoothly, the 3G network of AT&T company is the wireless network of the mainstream on American market at present, this action means Nexus One to will become IPhone to have one of competitor of actual strength extremely. Since the Gu Ge at the beginning of this year January after the company begins to sell Nexus One mobile phone, nexus One moves in the low speed network of AT&T all the time. The high speed that this Nexus One enters AT&T moves in wireless network also is one of a series of attempts of position of bibcock of IPhone of challenge of cereal song company. But analytic personage states they do not think Nexus One is already qualified challenge IPhone in every respect, although Gu Ge devotes oneself to all the time,make Nexus One " super mobile phone " contend in order to be the same as IPhone. Meanwhile, malic company was not despised " the enemy " -- the apple has taken a series of strong step main " nick " the mobile phone product that Nexus One is based on Android operating system with etc. (note: The operating system that Android is research and development of company of song of a cereal) it is at the beginning of this month, malic company is right Topod company (the manufacturer that Topod is the mobile phone that Nexus One and other part are based on Android operating system) initiate legal lawsuit, accusation latter violated patent of his feeling screen technology. Cereal song company did not divulge how much the specific sales volume of Nexus One is outwards. The analyst that comes from Broadpoint AmTech company Benjamin Sikante (Benjamin Schachter) in the 3 months time that estimation just appears on the market in Nexus One, its sales volume is 125 thousand about. And after malic company rolls out IPhone from 2007, accumulative total sales volume has been as high as 40 million, be in merely the four seasons was spent 2009 in, IPhone sells inside global limits gave 8.7 million. Consumer needs to pay when buying Nexus One than buying the taller imprest when IPhone, the mobile phone does not have the Nexus One that this basically is the partial model that sells because of cereal song company to sign use agreement with business of wireless network operation, this action also is for convenient user between business of operation of much home network freedom is changed. The price of Nexus One mobile phone that does not have use agreement is every 529 dollars, and the IPhone of the use agreement that signs by a definite date two years with AT&T company wants 99 dollars only, under photograph comparing, the price of the Nexus One mobile phone that although be signed with German telecommunication,uses an agreement two years also is as high as 179 dollars. The spokesman Fulaiche Cooke of AT&T company (Fletcher Cook) express, although state the mobile phone that welcomes all brands is received before AT&T,join subordinate 3G network, but the plan that its had not signed Nexus One mobile phone to use an agreement with Gu Ge at present.

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