Fruit big fight: Palm Pre and IPhone 4G at the same time put on sale?

What the hearsay calls AT&T edition Palm WebOS the mobile phone appear on the market recently date will have fluctuant. Analyst those gets gram of • rice a place of strategic importance to say, he is learned from some news source recently, the time that Pre and Pixi type log onto this net already will be deferred in April by what decide formerly to in June or July. As it is said AT&T ever exploded before this go out to grow string of technology issue, cut sale budget likely, but Misaike did not point out cause the reason with the most possible delay. If 67 months between appear on the market period for true, so Palm will get deathblow, because he wants to encounter another new IPhone head on again not only, brutaller is to compete at the appointed time will spread out in same home network. The date that Sprint released Pre last year and IPhone 3GS roll out date only removed 3 days.

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