Old show of LV 2010 Qiu Dong chases after IPhone again " direct seeding " tide

Luyiweideng announces ceremoniously to will ascend show of autumn winter fashionable dress to undertake direct seeding on IPhone mobile phone and Facebook to 2010-2011 Lu Yiwei. Everybody general can pass network connection at learn Lu Yiwei to ascend Yubenji to spend released fashionable dress set for a short while. Luyiweideng has the extravagant brand of integrated sale with digital science and technology in the round as first, be like Facebook, Youtube, IPhone, Twitter to be equal to the collaboration that began much position 2009 with platform of newest website sth resembling a net, relevant service gained enthusiastic response namely since the day that roll out. The user can watch Luyiweideng's fashionable dress to release through all sorts of platform not only, the friend that can gain a variety of interactive experiences on network platform more and invites them is joined among them. Beautiful IPhone of fashionable dress of 2010/2011 Qiu Dong reachs Facebook direct seeding: On March 10, 2010 2: 30PM (Parisian time) 8: 30PM (Beijing time)

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