3 powerful tripartite balance of forces join Taiwan telecommunication big fight of IPhone business chance

According to Taiwan media coverage, IPhone of the malic intelligence that China telecommunication takes the lead in introducing mobile phone, cause popular unrest, far pass reach Taiwan hand-hold portable telephone yesterday also in pairs follow-up, announce to introduce IPhone, with China telecommunication each other fastens symptom, market of contention intelligence mobile phone leads a position. With having index sex most " 0 yuan of mobile phones " plan is compared, IPhone 3G(8G) is the cheapest " 0 yuan of mobile phones " plan, it is capture of China telecommunication month 1349 yuan, IPhone 3GS(16G) and IPhone 3GS(32G) are the cheapest " 0 yuan of mobile phones " plan, it is Taiwan hand-hold portable telephone respectively 1667 yuan, 2199 yuan of; but Taiwan hand-hold portable telephone communicates freely 500 minutes to compare other two little, online privilege 800M, unlike is other two eat full, still have 100 free news in brief, also be 3 family property person least. Facilities of user of individual of Taiwan hand-hold portable telephone group battalion use grows Lai Xian 5 express, taiwan hand-hold portable telephone endowment cost is the most competitive, additional by April before, all fittings are hit 8 fold, take number to enjoy 1000 yuan of discounts to the user of Taiwan hand-hold portable telephone, see sb off moves TV to look, quite substantial, number of purchase in advance is already lousy 10 thousand. Far pass telecommunication to express, far pass an user to be like holding cost paid, fold 2000 yuan now, the mobile phone adds prepay charge is lowest of the person that 3 home appliance believe industry, free news in brief is easy give 200, already had purchase in advance of 18 thousand people. Take the lead in introducing the China telecommunication of IPhone, through a year of many puissant sale, already had the 200 thousand person that use about at present as we have learned. Sign of wood of deputy total stone represents company of reduction of fractions to a common denominator of China telecommunication travel, sheet is compared from cost rate, each family property person very much the same, this is " price of dead pig young " , because stock cost is so high, want to compare cost rate really, the 1349 program of IPhone 3GS(16G) that most person uses China telecommunication, bind capture of about 2 years of users to hand in thirty-two thousand four hundred and seventy-six yuan, it is industry is the same as degree program lowest. Telegraphic course of study person estimation, taiwan mobile phone market is medium now, two it is intelligence mobile phone, there are ten growing spaces about this year, besides IPhone, other and telegraphic course of study person new intelligence of active also design mobile phone, prospective competition will be more and more intense. To far pass reach Taiwan hand-hold portable telephone to join IPhone big fight, stone wood sign says, intelligence mobile phone still has very large growing space, look upon of China telecommunication front is other course of study person join this battlefield.

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