IPhone was ranked in American smartphone market January the 2nd

On March 11 message, study according to the market company ComScore says, market share of the apple continues to grow, the 2nd is ranked in American smartphone market, be next to RIM of manufacturer of blackberry mobile phone. However, growth rate of the apple was decelerated it seems that. Come from October 2009 January 2010, the market share of IPhone grew 0.3% only. And come from September 2009 in December 2009, the market share of IPhone rose 1.2% . Nevertheless, do not let grow speed to decelerate deceit. The apple still owns the market share of 25.1% at present. The market share of RIM is 41.3% . In the meantime, mobile phone of Gu Ge Android the market share this year January from October 2009 2.8% rose 7.1% , increased 4.3 percent. In a few months in the past, gu Ge had rolled out the Android mobile phone of a lot of new model, and IPhone product since after rolling out 3GS edition Spring 2009, did not change all the time. However, of smartphone tide arisen did not hold each boat in the palm. Microsoft continues to rank the 3rd in smartphone market. But, the market share of Microsoft since dropped since October 9 last year 4 percent, market share dropped 15.7% . The market share of Palm dropped 2.1 percent, market share is 5.7% .

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