Norton 360 4.0 of the software that reduce toxin increases IPhone backup function

A lot of things all need to be updated every year, no matter be to make money, still be for safety, be like newlier every year is not to have avoidable. Gas defence software is same also, all need every year to replace a product. A few days ago, norton releases version of brand-new Norton 360 4.0 in Hong Kong. New version gases defence newlier besides consistent promotion software and outside enhancing its efficiency, also increased " of the intelligence of a " administrator that start, so that shorten,switch on the mobile phone time, decrease or switch on the mobile phone apart applied process. But the share that causes us to notice truly, it is it also cooperates in recent years the demand of intelligence mobile phone, enhance its online backup function, provide special software for IPhone and Android user, so that also can access backup on the mobile phone,the file on the network, music, photo reachs video. Version of Norton 360 4.0 is basic edition (store on 2GB net repeatedly) Hongkong dollar 499; Overflow edition (store on 25GB net repeatedly) Hongkong dollar 699.

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