View the world with IPhone: Google Map Street View

Hong Kong reachs the friends of Macao, google Map Street View comes to Hong Kong and Macao eventually! Begin from today, everybody can use Google Map Street View to see Hong Kong / Macao vista picture, understand Hong Kong from another angle / Macao, see Hong Kong / Macao. Claver says less, enter Google Map quickly, use Street View to see your home grow what sample after all! (Macao is uptodate support halfway area only, famous big 3 cling to still fail to see through Steet View! ) right! If you see the picture with odd what, resemble Google Car pat oneself, special the sign of first, film films, the sky falls the eyewinker is waited a moment, can contact us, can present special subject of photograph of Google Map Street View later! If you are using Android or IPhone, you can use a mobile phone to watch Google Street View likewise. Want you only beforehand place of make choice of, next model of written characters of Street View of option of as above plan or fair young, you can see Street View case in the mobile phone. Have a try quickly! Henceforth, seeking a way is troublesome issue no longer! Click enter Google Map Street View uses a tutorial

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