Does the father of 74 years old of mobile phones abandon IPhone to convert MoTo Droid unexpectedly?

Marty Cooper of mobile telephone precursor was interviewed in rich guest and TV a few days ago in all express, he is temporary already now changed the mobile phone Motolora Droid by the IPhone before. Cooper admits machine of novice of try out of him classics regular meeting, this change machine also be to want to experience Android platform, at present this new machine lets him " overall satisfaction " . Nevertheless Droid also is not the mobile phone with exclusive Cooper, normally he can use a company to match the SamSung Jitterbug mobile phone of hair to call, complex assignment is handed in finish by the smartphone. Cooper still mentions this to change in rich guest machine do not meet long, he will use an IPhone after a month with contrast the use of two platform experiences. "The screen function of my hope Droid can be rivalled with IPhone " , he is updated in newest rich guest in say so. Group of Cooper place engineering ever checked a kind 1973 " radio phone " filing patent subsequently. Although invent this put under its wife, but the position that Cooper regards inchoate mobile telephone as the founder is apodeictic. This Droid of Cooper try out also appears fair and reasonable, because 1983 he served as core stylist development to give on the world first mobile phone that puts in the market---Motolora DynaTAC.

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