Add quantity great gift to wrap " imitate city is ritzy edition " will land IPhone

The city of ovation builds game " imitate city is ritzy edition " (SimCity Deluxe) reach its to manage simulator will this year the summer lands IPhone and IPod Touch platform. Of IPhone edition " imitate city " will add new structure, if British London is famous ancient bell -- big bell (Big Ben) , and the iron tower of dust humble Er of French Paris. Also did trifling improvement on game interface. " imitate city " (SimCity) it is a city is built (City-building Game) electronic game, put on sale 1989, it is the first product of Maxis. The platform that publishs at first is DOS, the version on the platform such as Mac, Windows and super Ren Tiantang was rolled out in succession again later. Current the person all rights reserved of this series and issue business to be American art report (EA) .

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