Manufacturer of domestic mountain fastness rolls out: "Resemble element high " 4G IPhone

Although Qiaobusi has not disclosed a few words that concerns next generation IPhone, have the courage to think the mountain fastness firm that dare become has jumped out early, took for us " clone edition " 4G IPhone. Although cannot decide this machine appearance to agree whether really with original 4G IPhone, but the function that it alleges or the interest that aroused us. Photograph comparing is current the IPhone of version, this machine child the appearance appears relatively upright and foursquare. Its screen touchs screen for 3.2 inches, but because not be capacitance version, not quite ideal to the support of finger tip feeling, the user needs to use handwritten pen or longer fingernail just can complete an operation. Product data says screen supports handwritten identifying, but we figure here points to should be law of Chinese Chinese character input, is not to have know the ability that identifies handwritten note and word processing. Respecting this machine child the most outstanding configuration, count even 8 million photograph like element like head, double SIM card inserts groove, and Mini SD card is patulous. These also are the functions that we think to see on 4G IPhone most. Price of machine of this mountain fastness is rectified 1000 yuan, if the authorised edition leaves the price of acting IPhone also so can amiable that is too good.

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