ISMEStorage: Of IPhone " the cloud " memory is fictitious turn application

SMEStorage announces to roll out ISMEStorage of an IPhone software in App Store. This software is IPhone platform can make an user the first times one-time visit and management store 10 times " Cloud " , include Amazon S3 among them, rackSpace CloudFiles, box, apple Mobile Me, microsoft SkyDrive, microsoft Live Mesh, gmail-as-a-cloud, email-as-a-Cloud, FTP-as-a-Cloud, google Docs, with WebDav Enabled Clouds. The CEO that occupies SMEStorage says: "This software has one of a lot of. It is the first can fictitious change memory Cloud, show amid " the cloud " the software of file system; And the software that it is file of Microsoft SkyDrive of the first can direct visit in App Store. " if you like to be in all sorts of is based on " the cloud " the file that stores the environment deposits him, this software is your optimal choice really. Had this software, you need not land each orders respectively, through the port of ISMEStorage you can browse all memory file. This software already was worn on App Store now, price 0.99 dollars.

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