AT&T upgrades to resist successfully impact of data of musical division IPhone

Last year division of music of American heart city (one of musical grand ceremony with the largest scale on the world, abbreviation SXSW) the nightmare that go up still clearly is in eye, people sufferred the network quality of bad-mouth to be worried to AT&T again this year. Newest report shows, AT&T withstands eventually weigh, what behave in current SXSW is good beyond people expect. AT&T of exclusive operation business behaved IPhone United States to be able to use how terrible basically to describe last year. Should know SXSW is the great party of Xi haing singer, also be the arena that the musical person that large quantities of live a secluded life do creative work communicates, these two kinds of people almost hand an IPhone, you can imagine the amount of spot IPhone is how breathtaking. Concentrated increase sharply attacks the user almost break down AT&T, for a short while data transmits speed pelter, serious when cannot find signal even, and those who drop a line is frequent make AT&T user compares Verizon user one year in the frequency dropping a line of sessional experience summation is even much. After be criticized extensively, AT&T expresses to will strengthen network equipment construction this year, the communication that makes sure the user is regular is insusceptible. From the point of the report of the user, AT&T cashed really their acceptance, the card on Twitter almost the network admiration this year has pair of AT&T of lean to one side add. The person that a ginseng meets says: "Stability and rate are very at present strong, had not encountered what problem " .

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