Malic IPhone OS 4.0 can handle supportive much task

The apple will release software of new edition IPhone 4.0 in this summer, this software aux will be able to supports much task handle a function quite. This will make user IPhone mobile phone OK the applied program that backstage runs tripartite to offer directly. Personage of know the inside story develops the AppleInsider of website of guest of rich of American science and technology of tendercy to divulge to product of special attention apple, malic company has studied give out the much task that is based on IPhone operating system to go up to handle " comprehensive solution " IPhone 4.0 software. But personage of this know the inside story did not divulge whether IPhone 4.0 software can be optimize resource protection to reach it is OK to raise battery life respect to make IPhone is used get rising effectively. The IPhone 3.x software that runs on IPhone nowadays belongs to type of complete race to control operating system. This kind of run mode restricted those who apply program backstage to implement rate. Personage of know the inside story discloses, apple of IPhone 4.0 edition can allow tripartite program (memorandum of such as mail, short message, IPod, speech) can at the same time backstage moves. Before this, before IPhone each operating system did not offer the main reason that much task treats to depend on, the IPhone operating system of version fails to provide an user to the user alternant interface, this makes IPhone 4.0 edition needs to increase new user alternant interface mechanism, make the user need not be passed too too complex operation can complete application between the program switch. The original intention of operating system of IPhone of malic company research and development is the use mobile phone that makes an user more convenient, is not turn into its the mobile phone edition of personal computer operating system. When issueing IPhone 2.0, the task management that malic company says Windows Mobile is medium implement the function is too complex to the user. IPhone 3.x operating system increased a toolbar in screen top, can make an user OK the program that changeover tiring-room runs. But IPhone 3.x still belongs to operation of type of complete race to control, what when belonging to much program to be the same as, move is muti_function handle way at the same time. Additional, personage of know the inside story discloses, IPhone 4.0 edition will increase function of new graphical interface switch. Processes of such tripartite application are OK each other communicate backstage, arrange the first order that resource uses side by side. IPhone and IPod touch screen to be called by the client the only program that the main reason of outstanding mobile game platform makes a system have in Yu Jicao handles a function. When the client uses IPhone and IPod to touch screen to play game, game program takes up completely systematic natural resources, this makes IPhone and IPod touch the game on screen OK the congener product that goes up than the market is had taller can enjoy a sex. But backstage of IPhone 4.0 edition moves muti_function pair of battery life with inevitable processing and function raise taller requirement. So, offer for IPhone muti_function processing also gave malic company to bring a lot of need to solve " recessive " problem. If shorten IPhone batteries use time, use up more processor resource and applied process traversal speed to be waited a moment slower. Its potential solution is to reduce the applied process scope that can move on IPhone, be in the quantitative limitation that can run a program batteries is OK in susceptive limits, come true to use the sudden switch between the program with tiring-room downstage at the same time. Anyhow, a fact that does not dispute is, after IPhone 4.0 software supports much task to handle a function, undoubted meeting promotes IPhone the sales volume of the mobile phone considerably.

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