Lawsuit is lasting: IPhone is suspected of violating the patent such as blue tooth

Beijing time on March 11 message, according to foreign media coverage, recently, the name is SmartPhone Technologies (SmartPhone of the following abbreviation) American company manufactures RIM of manufacturer of mobile phone of apple, AT&T, blackberry and much home mobile telephone business to tell a court, say these companies violated multinomial technology patent, include email synchronism and blue tooth join. SmartPhone is some earlier this month moment gets Kesasi in the United States city east to lodge a complaint of area place court, criticise the mobile phone such as apple, RIM, SamSung, 3 ocean, LG and Motolora produces business to encroach its patent technology, include join of email synchronism, blue tooth, and general smartphone function. SmartPhone request court decides afore-mentioned companies are encroached, and seek redress. Apple and its IPhone mobile phone often become the target of patent lawsuit, nuojiya is opposite the business of mobile phone production with the biggest recently whole world malic to lodge a complaint. The apple will refer American negotiable securities to trade October last year the file of committee shows, the apple is exceeding patent lawsuit 47 cases plead undertakes in the case, among them 27 cases are in 2009 money year those who mention. The apple expresses, drag in of these patent litigation case apple a lot of energy, and often adjudicate an apple to make compensation of high specified number, a patent lawsuit last year brought about an apple to pay the compensation of 21.7 million dollar.

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