Analytics Pro: Use iPhone(iPhone 4g) Enjoy Google analysis

I always like Google Analytics (Google analysis of Google. Google Analytics is Google a free web services, since its birth analysis, namely from. Google Analytics function is very strong, as long as the website page to join a piece of code that can provide detailed report of rich chart type. Google Analytics besides providing including flow sources, search keywords, visitor information, entry pages etc, also can provide industry benchmark and visitors out rate.

However, I always feel sorry, I can't is in the iPhone Thomas until Blackburn launched a iPhone Analytics, called "software", to give users Pro provides simple yet powerful UI, thus access Google Analytics service. This software can provide access to Google Analytics of five analysis data, flow charts: visitors sources and references, recent content, before the source of the ten countries and operating systems. In addition, the software has a characteristic, it is more than Google Analytics to straightaway.

If you need to use any concern oneself website iPhone visit, I recommend you to download Analytics Pro "App, price is $6.99.

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