" final illusion 13 " roll out digital photo market in the light of IPhone

Rolled out in the put on sale on PS3 lead plane on December 17, 2009 by company of Japanese Square Enix, the price is average edition 9240 yen, contain new-style PS3 frivolous model lead plane is the same as 梱 demarcate edition with the lead plane of 梱 41600 yen, day of put on sale achieved shipment to break through million to cover result that day, the RPG of this person energy of life that till March 10, 2010 a cycle of songs in a traditional opera of shipment of whole world accumulative total breaks through 5 million " final illusion " series is newest make " final illusion XIII " (Final Fantasy XIII) , the government announces nowadays will from March 17 this day rises to roll out this special making in the light of IPhone/iPod Touch mobile phone photo market " Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery " let players download is used, fix a price 1000 yen. Express according to the government, the content of this special download that this the government is aimed at place of mobile phone of IPhone / IPod Touch to roll out " Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery " , it is one collects the person that rolled out in the put on sale on PS3 lead plane in December 2009 to enrage RPG to blow hard " final illusion XIII " the digital photo market of high analytic image, it is OK to was collected inside all sorts of image wait with part CG in the use high-definition impression CG such as placard, players can be touched through multimedia accuse to be narrowed by enlarge oneself, at the same time market of this number photo still will carry the set function such as clock or menology, the players that have fun at but must not miss!

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