Is IPhone special " banger pen " ? Korean too creative

Who says Korean without creativity? Apple and HTC roll out capacitance type to touch screen in preparation special and handwritten pen, the IPhone player of Korea's relaxed however settlement this problem. press said Feburary, IPhone user does not think next gloves to play a mobile phone because of weather chill, then use banger regards the IPhone when in the winter as special feeling pen. Come from the report of foreign media, in the United States with most user of IPhone mobile phone also somebody saw this business chance, rolled out banger of IPhone special feeling. In Casecrown shopping website, this kind of banger is felt into perfect IPhone by the description screen is handwritten pen fill-in, the helper need not be taken off to cover in cold weather and can use a mobile phone, deft bulk just can be carried, compatible IPhone, IPhone3G/3GS, incompatible nevertheless your hungry abdomen, the price is 0.99 dollars. Domestic player undertook experimental test and verify to mode of operation of this kind of IPhone recently, bowel of leg of its medium baking temperature, fruit, vegetable, chocolate contain relatively the object of greasily fat and moisture all can is opposite the capacitance screen of IPhone undertakes operating, and the flesh is dry, refrigerant taste the sensitivity that waits to be shown too low. Probably can one uses capacitance to taste response rate to detect in the future is food adipose does the IPhone application software of content appear? This is a good method to the MM that need reduces weight.  

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