Squeeze below " corpse of plant big fight " is ascending head of a list of names posted up compatriots software unexpectedly?

9 days of heat sell 1 million dollar. This is IPhone edition little game " corpse of plant big fight " the sale miracle that just achieves. This game was squeezed very quickly to fall to sell first place of a list of names posted up by software of a China, that is unprecedented play 24 game packet of sale " game box " . " corpse of plant big fight " be simple and the little game that indulges easily. The player faces a certain number of trying that inbreak the corpse of oneself home, of at hand " weapon " have the plant such as such as helianthus, pea, nut only. Enjoying rule specificly is plant in court next plants, destroy a batch of corpse enemy that dials come to attack us with them. Although game is not complex, but because the picture is exquisite, abound again strategical, add the plant with lovely modelling, ever lay fallow in what second half of the year became phenomenal form last year game, conquered a large number of white-collars of global each district and undergraduate. " corpse of plant big fight " the hand of the Popcap of recreational game company with famous out. Chinese player is familiar " gem is confused blast " (Bejewled) and " Zu Ma " (Zuma) the product that is Popcap. After IPhone and applied shop are born, special skill found sale channel at a draught at the Popcap of recreational game. They move work in succession IPhone, sales volume is very considerable. From " corpse of plant big fight " popularity begins, the player is in appeal IPhone version. This year in Feburary, " corpse of plant big fight " into be stationed in IPhone, price 2.99 dollars, achieved a record quickly. Replace " corpse of plant big fight " enter championship of very popular a list of names posted up " game box " make by the Triniti company of Shanghai, was born 2009 in year. Game is held to " low-cost quantity sufficient " management concept, much money game included in a software, price is 0.99 dollars only. Current, " game box " in the game that had had 24 independence, be similar to us in one's childhood of the sort of common yellow exterior " XX syncretic " FC cassette. "Box " the work that the game in is Triniti. With those lowermost price in applied shop the game photograph of 0.99 dollars is compared, it is undoubted more substantial. This kind bales the initiate that the style that offer also is this company it seems that. Developer acceptance, if work sales volume is enough good, the opinion of the user is quite high, they will be gone to continuously " box " in add new play. To average person, the first news may let their deep feeling apply the dimensions of the shop and result, perhaps download rapidly " corpse of plant big fight " ; "Box " the sense of pride that good news can call a few people probably, still can make another some of person developer of deep feeling China " agile " brains. But the news that is these two correlation, one is caused in the person that in home a departure is sent not quite not little controversy. Developer heat is discussed " box " about " box " the debate that enters a top, happen in home CocoaChina of the biggest malic developer forum. Be in " box " when just becoming champion of sale a list of names posted up, the sound of an auspicious congratulation still is in forum. Indigenous game spans culture camp, make the best-selling product in whole application shop, make everybody get encouragement fully undoubtedly, feel proud even. Nevertheless, different think of a way appeared very quickly. Banner brightly stands in instead square, it is name of a net " burn haze " spare individual developer. "Burn haze " finished with off hours and wife pool efforts the name is " arithmetical Great Master " game. "Burn haze " think, " game box " bend sell is finish of probable final meeting to use a store the heaven that this player pursues a dream, " of careless root programmer Elysian " , will the congenial market that becomes capital to run. Here, should complement again cultural background. In applied shop of the apple, developer cannot fix a price for the product freely, choose from inside setting good price class however, optional lowermost price is 0.99 dollars. Say " box " the person of exploit an advantage, think it violated price principle on certain level. Fall the price of single play to 0.99 dollars the following. With " box " for present dimensions, the price of every game has 4 cent only. But with " box " developer thinks for the representing's square, oneself are not sustain losses in business earn cry out, be in cogently however make money, so this one behavior does not calculate a dumping not only, it is the successful strategy that makes after analysing the market and regulation instead. Be in " box " on sale page, an user comment that is carried on the head highestly is so write: "Other developer asks an attention. This ability is the accurate method that make application and holds the market. After I bought this software, it is in all the time upgrade, raise sport. They can be executed to every new play originally collect fees, but they were not behaved so greedily, consumer people natural meeting feels to touch. " in 148 users that make component to this comment, 137 indicated approval. And one of circumstances that this is afraid even if just worry about instead. They do not hope original " normal " market action is called " greedy " . Compared with the state of mind of consumer, turning over what just worry more is the zoology inside whole application shop. In other words, if " corpse of plant big fight " fall 0.99 dollars, comprise another with other sport even " box " , the market can become more brutal, the opportunity of the developer that hopes to rely on innovation and brainwave to create a miracle easily can become fewer, and these people, be afraid is the real reason that applied shop is able to flourish nowadays (although they are made game and applied quality are general and inferior) . About this, square thinks probably earlier. "Box " chief discloses, put forward to depreciate with adding up to collect form to covert at the outset the idea that rolls out game, because worry about big company,depreciate just about. "Box " it is medium or small the weapon of company antagonism big company, and individual developer, no matter confront big company,still be medium small company, original with respect to inferior position apparent. And such inferior position, because,do not meet " box " how much to appear and change successfully. Independent thinks, still can install without so much game go in the box. And the success of a game, may not can change the modes of life and relation to their environment of whole application shop. "Box " can you change the market? The somebody in the debate is mentioned, "Box " medium major game is the mimic of other and successful game in applied shop. Have popularity of a game, can be increased in the box easily, although not be apparent copy, but originality is basic and duplicate. Returned somebody to mention " box " the game quality of the good and bad are intermingled, the company shortage of operation of this automation line is opposite insinuation the pursuit of game quality, only striped-pants the system capacity of the load one's writing with fancy phrases that go up and product. Be to hold out resemble hamburger? The first sells in the United States no wonder also. "Box " contend for, source of new moon of get to the bottom of sth, be afraid the regulation that still gets respecting application store goes up. Malic delimit a few bounds, for instance the price interval of game, grading system is spent, artificial examine and verify, but flaw really many. Limit with me-too to borroweding for instance, for instance all countries and area use same price. At least is in China, the unit price of 0.99 dollars does not accord with popular to consume a habit. Of course, the price class that establishs a different area in detail is afraid be not easy thing, besides, if Chinese area can have software price to be 0.99 yuan of RMBs, american user won't think of Chinese inn consumes method, spend fewer money, buy similar product? The word of byelaw of dead dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, "Box " did not foul of course, and the apple also does not have method to check it seems that such practice. If must saying, they may violate some sort to seem the thing of trade agreement. And in applied shop, this thing is nonexistent. So the flaw of the market, be afraid can let the market examine only or amend. With respect to my individual character, I do not think big company can start him " box " the strategy, but depreciate? Possible. Popcap of course won't " corpse of plant big fight " install a box, the X that makes a game closing market 1/0, can have sold fund very much because of itself. Medium-sized company looks to also need to resemble Triniti same, rely on to increase game to increase his competition ability. Dan Hong watchs the ground to look, although in that way situation appears, also can increase only " box " the competition between. And they can appear very similar. Because " box " in the thing difference of outfit cannot be too big, quality also too won't tall -- the game that if a company can be developed,gives high quality, dry take alone not simply sell 0.99 dollars? The apple can continue through changing regulation the heaven of this independent developer and Elysian, should take out a few protection only originality, limit the measure that borrowed to go. Do not cross this easier said than done? On IPhone almost each game, can apply even in lead plane of past dynasties sport, computer find in the shop " archetypal " . The somebody in forum TouchArcade is developed in famous foreign IPhone ask a question, who can suffer a defeat " box " ? A developer answer says, informal who can. A lot of developer of domestic abroad, now be eager for doing sth, try to give out an open and aboveboard, enough to beat sheet to rely on politic get victory " box " product. And this kind of enthusiasm and innocent, the apple hopes to see be afraid most. "Box " still sell in heat, it won't be so apparent to applying the influence of the shop to be returned temporarily. "Chinese box " in what to install after all, be afraid had not put completely.

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