" corpse of plant big fight " special interview of game architect George Fan

George Fan is PopCap banner plays popular game " corpse of plant big fight " (Plants Vs. Zombies) advocate plan, this game often is explained to be " mad " (mad amused, mad addiction. . . It is to let factitious insanity merely probably just) George ever also participated in a project in PopCap so " " mad aquaria " (Insaniquarium) " plan, we talk about this game with George today. Q: "Corpse " this element is a contraindication in the application in game, and " the person that bear " , "Robot " same, such element may bring about the allergy of partial player. But " corpse of plant big fight " it is an exception however, it is in not just " high-end player " over there gained a success, in " recreational player " over there obtained good echo euqally, to this, you have what recipe. A: Hm... without what I am so called really " recipe " , it is impartiality of individual be fond of is not inclined that I feel this is mere reflect. I am done not have for a few " play high " go too serious design is very much very complex very bad thing, what cater to recreational player painstakingly and I also did not design game is too low age change and simple. I am to want to create merely " corpse of plant big fight " , from me the plan creates this game to begin, I had decided to be in of game " complex " and " simple " between obtain a good balance to nod. Yes, you are OK grow these lovely plants, but dangerous corpse can gobble up them, and the pen that the corpse that sundry cartoon changes also comes to into the god for game. Not only such, I think the place of game sex is to be in " low play " and " play high " between acquire a balance, I am very favorite the strategy game, so my amid designed element of a lot of strategies, so this can be called of this game " high end " at the same time. From tell on the other hand, I very the game that is fed up with the sort of need to read a large number of tutorials and manual to just know how to play, so I become the begin of game more simple, so this can be become this game " simple " at the same time. Q: Through the design " mad aquaria " and in blizzard " dark black destroy a god 3 " the job in the project, it is a game that what makes you decided you can be a tower defend pastime. A: Finished in me " mad aquaria " after the project, the follow-up version that I consider this project all the time increases a dot to defend element, I also am playing demon animal contend for hegemony at that time the graph of tower defense sector of 3, if turn those cold defence towers into floral word,I feel, should meet lovely many, then I so did, still added the element of many individual be fond of inside. This is why " corpse of plant big fight " can become a tower to defend pastime, at the same time I still hope this game can innovate somewhat, because vintage tower prevents game to also a few let the place of person accurate, for instance defence tower is attack is given priority to merely, mode is onefold, and an eccentric person is according to solid route comes, these are very incorrect my taste, so the course of my general an eccentric person changed 5 course, no less than you see in game now. Q: " corpse of plant big fight " it is the 2nd your project in Popcap, before comparing you the project of the first design " mad aquaria " , what does your feeling have to differ in designing a process, if have, say to listen. A: " mad aquaria " I am in the project when designing it, I was not gone to by employ even a whole group, such result is me must one person cent acts the role of several parts, designing game while still get some of code to get music and art design. Designing " corpse of plant big fight " when, I became the full-time employee of Popcap, this makes I had a whole development group, such I have more time dedicated the design at game. Thank my group: Programmer (Tod Semple) , art design (Rich Werner) , and dub in background music (Laura Shigihara) , working together with you is my happiest and happy thing. Q: How many does the investment that Popcap designs to game have? What is be being had to there is some of design to draw lessons from the game at Popcap directly? Perhaps say the thing with impressive what game has in design process? A: PopCap has a very pretty good in-house forum, inside expatiation the development plan of each projects and version iteration, we also can get the opinion of each respect feedbacks quickly, will undertake adjustment thereby, popcap interior still has many clever guy. Very important in the design is us at that time the price set to helianthus, do not have those who had played the player of instant strategy game not to know resource to accumulate more very much, they often can build too much pea archer and oversight goes complementing helianthus, finally because of resource scarcity play away game, so we the price helianthus from 100 adjusted 50 (cheap price can encourage a player great build it, is not use resource entirely build pea archer) , although this is an example that we balance a gender to adjust about game only, we spent many time to adjust the square field surface of game, but factual proof or worthiness. Q: Can you say " corpse of plant big fight " from what has been inspiration obtained in game? A: Basically be to have the following 3 game: " demon animal contend for hegemony: Tower defense sector pursues " the main and inspirational origin of the type that this is game " mad aquaria " if you had played this game, you can understand, I am in " corpse of plant big fight " in the resource that drew lessons from this game collects means, I like this way very much. " bar is entertained " (Tapper) the inspirational origin of the 5 track line that this is game. Q: Does? of high and steep of cheek of destroy lofty  show what you are about to design to play a game? A: Tell the truth at present I return it doesn't matter to be able to say, I can say I have a lot of idea only, and like to innovate, be in probably before long a work that you can see me in the future, I can use a lot of new concepts, new originality, new think of a way. Q: Right finally your Fans say a few words? A: Special acknowledgment, you are right the loves to make with support we continue hard power of our game!

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