Crescent Moon discloses " the sword of raven 2 " detail and check scheme

Company of development of Crescent Moon game disclosed a few about " the sword of raven: Degenerate emperor " (Ravensword: The Fallen King) series work -- " the sword of raven 2 " detail. The CEO Josh Presseisen of Crescent Moon discloses, " the sword of raven 2 " setting of a few 3D is finished by Mark Jones. Mark Jones is " antediluvian reel " (The Elder Scrolls) the art division of series game. Additional, still have " half life 2 Mod " (Half Life 2 Mod The Rising) the artistic design that art division Jonny Ree participates in 3D setting. To satisfy the curiosity of players, crescent Moon company still divulged the new cut of this game pursues.

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