Does authority of operation of IPhone United States divide the likelihood a thick soup T-Mobile?

Beijing time on March 19 morning message, occupy foreign media to report now, t-Mobile hopeful this year later on or obtain IPhone(mobile phone to get online next year) the operation that is in American area counterpoises. This news is the earliest by England " financial times " divulge, but the personage inside course of study thinks, this does not mean T-Mobile to be able to be in certainly this year or the operation that acquires IPhone to be in American area next year counterpoises, because from theoretic tell, all operation business " hopeful " acquire right of this one operation. But T-Mobile had established cooperative relationship in Europe and apple before this, sell IPhone permissibly. Because the relationship of T-Mobile and mobile phone of Gu Ge Android is closer, because the personage inside this course of study thinks, the apple can pass the pattern that establishs cooperative relationship with this company to hit Gu Ge. But still put in issue of a few technologies at present. The 3G frequency that T-Mobile uses in the United States and existing IPhone are incompatible, because this apple need rolls out specialized product,solve this one problem.

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