Move in: The likelihood rolls out TD edition IPhone to be interested in IPad

Chinese mobile president holds Zhousi of presiding apparitor Wang Jianzhou concurrently to express, the IPhone mobile phone of mobile standard of own 3G of the IPad flat computer that hopes to sell malic company in home and supportive China. Wang Jianzhou expresses on the press conference, china is mobile " be interested in IPad " , and already expressed a hope to the apple the desire that its can produce the IPhone that supports level of Chinese own 3G. This opinion on public affairs is Chinese company expresses to be interested in IPad of put on sale first, the apple has not state whether can sell IPad in China. Wang Jianzhou's opinion on public affairs still shows China moves to be interested in IPhone quite all the time, second half of the year had begun UniCom of its competitor China last year sell IPhone, the 3G network of UniCom is OK and compatible standard IPhone. Chinese shift hopes " next generation " IPhone can compatible the TD-SCDMA that its network uses (the synchronous multitask that assign a code is accessed) standard. To abide by relevant code of China, the IPhone that the apple sells through Chinese UniCom is banned used Wi-Fi function. If want to support level of Chinese mobile TD-SCDMA, the apple must be made afresh to IPhone alter, the abroad in be being divided at present uses this one level without any countries. China devotes oneself to to make manufacturer of western mobile phone support its 3G level all the time, wang Jianzhou expresses, RIM company has agreed to manufacture the blackberry mobile telephone that supports TD-SCDMA level. Wang Jianzhou still expresses, chinese shift is undertaking negotiating with respect to sale IPhone with the apple, but did not allude to whether already also began about the negotiation of IPad. He still calls Chinese shift the interest to IPad, because the company is developing shift to read professional work,the part is. As China shift enlarges the dimensions of the electronic book that can download, manufacturer of reader of Chinese electron book already planned the product of 3G version for Chinese shift last year. Chinese shift is the whole world business of the biggest operation, user amount exceeds 520 million. Chinese UniCom ever expressed recently, the IPhone that taking Wi-Fi function with respect to put on sale with the apple undertakes negotiation. Malic company spokesman has not make a comment at this point.

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