Five kind of color choice , apple iPhone 4G again to make public

Apple iPhone already went on the market many years, three generation of product nearly irrevocable contour how many will let the human be somewhat esthetic wearily. Therefore, in the unceasing insolation leaves each kind of hearsay in the fourth generation of product, also starts first time to present many kinds of color designs the edition.

The conceptual design which leaves from the newest insolation, iPhone 4G which is taken to the threshing ground by the fourth generation of iPhone status in the overall style compared with the past too will not have changed, increased a video frequency camera merely according to the hearsay view above the screen, the convenient user realizes the bidirectional video frequency telephone conversation function in the 3G network. In addition, the new design and the past compared in the whole increases as if in breadth, even did not remove are because touched control the reason which the screen size increased. But looking from the information demonstration which present obtains, as if does not have the screen size change news. Certainly, the reason that will present such design to originate fourth generation of iPhone which illuminated in the past fuzzy spy disclosed will appear the somewhat short impression concerns.

Certainly, this to make public conceptual design most appealing place for the first time has introduced the colored edition concept in the iPhone family. Although such procedure sees not much in the apple family, but speaking of already promoted three generation of products still to maintain the black and white two colors the iPhone series, many kinds of color choices may bring some curiosities at least in the handset outward appearance style change not big situation to the human. Just like in front of us said such, apple iPhone was already published many years, the irrevocable outward appearance in brings in the esthetic weary situation for the people, perhaps really needed to carry on some details improved.

What is worth mentioning, besides deferred to the hearsay the view for new machine to provide 5,000,000 picture element cameras and to add on a circle for apple LOG0 to manifest the new change, should design the most inconceivable place is iPhone 4G increased a conspicuous SD memory stick expansion slot, gave the feeling which really the human somewhat added something superfluous and ruined the effect. In the apple was denounced after all by the human in the place, was as if very difficult to find the complaint storage capacity the insufficiency view. Perhaps for all this, from this machine back luminous like mirror's design hearsay fourth generation of iPhone will use the special glass integration design the view also to obtain the verification. According to past view, the apple in new machine on will use similar mighty mouse the fuselage touching technology, its characteristic was can let iPhone 4G the back support hand signal operation and multi-spot touching, has solved the iPhone fingerprint “the pollution” and the operation mask question.

Apple iPhone 4G will also be new generation iPhone will also embark the iPhone 4.0 operating systems, and will also provide the 64GB capacity edition, will increase in the WLAN wireless local area network function aspect to the IEEE802.11n standard support, thus in the transmission speed aspect, may provides the WLAN transmission speed by present 802.11a and 802.11g 54Mbps, will provide 300Mbps even to reach as high as 600Mbps. This machine will provide ARM as for the hearsay in the Cortex-A9 processor will appear too the illusion and radical, as if not too will conform to the apple style. 

However, also has the media to analyze said that fourth generation of iPhone will have the possibility to use the apple own A4 chip very much, its characteristic lay in the unique SoC seal to fuse the ARM multiple-core and a formidable GPU module, and might also maintain merits and so on low power loss. But these promotion's hardware performance may improve iPhone obviously the usability, the battery life, the bulk speed as well as the software application and so on various performance. In any event, new generation iPhone main change partial hardware promotion and in more perfect operation experience renewal and promotion. As for whether to have the radical 2,000,000 picture element pretage camera and the so gaudy many kinds of color design appears, then must leave the time to go to the common answer.  

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