Document divulging ! Apple iPhone 4G support video frequency telephone conversation

Although the fourth generation of apple iPhone official issue also has a date and time, but the media related this section of new machine each kind of report actually available article after article described.

In fact, concerned new generation iPhone will provide the video frequency telephone conversation function the view will not be the first appearance. Before then has the apple South Korea Corporation interior public figure to disclose that new generation apple iPhone has the remarkable promotion on the hardware and the software compared with the past, for instance besides might provide a more ideal standby time, this machine will provide the double camera, supported passes the video frequency telephone conversation function which three generation of iPhone did not have.

In addition, iPhone before this 3.2 SDK development package's some details also suggested next generation iPhone or will support the video frequency telephone conversation the possibility, like may choose whether to answer the video frequency telephone, may choose whether entire screen onlooking video frequency telephone and so on. As for this time the most fresh evidence which disclosed is comes from British operator O2 the revelation the new generation iPhone fees detailed list. In this fees detailed list, O2 not only in detail introduced next generation iPhone each kind of fees, and will also support “in Britain the video frequency telephone” to take a specially prominent part, even video frequency telephone conversation price and ordinary call's dissimilarity.

What is more interesting, when has the British media to relate inquires this matter's time to O2, the O2 aspect acknowledged that the related video frequency telephone conversation the fees and the ordinary pronunciation telephone conversation fees standard same is a mistake, and pledged that can make an apology to the outside, but actually had not denied that new generation iPhone will support the video frequency telephone conversation the possibility. Therefore, looking from above all sorts of signs, new generation iPhone will provide the matter which the video frequency telephone conversation function should not have how many to be anxious.

But looking from past to make public many information, new generation apple iPhone not only carries on the promotion on the software and hardware, will also bring some unexpected new technologies. For instance new generation iPhone will use the special glass integration design, and uses similar mighty mouse the fuselage to touch the technology. This kind of technical biggest luminescent spot is can let in the hearsay the iPhone 4G back support hand signal operation and multi-spot touching, has solved the iPhone fingerprint “the pollution” and the operation mask question. In addition, hearsay new generation iPhone will also embark the iPhone 4.0 operating systems, and the built-in camera will also promote to 5,000,000 picture elements, and will increase in the WLAN wireless local area network function aspect to the IEEE802.11n standard support, will thus promote in the transmission speed aspect to a new altitude. Therefore, the new generation iPhone synthesis, its main change partial hardware promotion and in the more perfect operation experience renewal and the promotion.

It is noteworthy that although new generation iPhone has been the media attention focal point, but the apple official had not given to confirm. But received competitor and so on google Android system platform pressures, Booth already indicated at the internal meeting that the apple will promote the iPhone update to be advantageous the google flings in after death, but next generation iPhone named as “a+ update”. Very obviously, along with the hearsay in June issued the date gradual approaching, believed will be more about iPhone “a+ update” the news was disclosed gradually, will have the interest friend might as well to continue to pay attention to our related report.

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