iPhoneOS 4.0 characteristic revelations

The apple at the American San Francisco convention product release conference, but the Apple Company has not made more explanations in the promotion advertising to release conference's content, certainly the outside consistent guess will be in this time issue, the Apple Company will have the possibility to issue iPhone very much the OS 4.0 operating systems, but while the conference time determination, outside the net synchronization has revealed apple iPhone the OS 4.0 characteristics, as well as fourth generation of iPhone design drawing. from has the guess nature spy to be possible to see the fourth generation of iPhone change according to not to be big, perhaps only has made the modification in the fuselage thickness, reduced before the edition extremely fat hale and hearty condition

Apple iPhoneOS 4.0

Before the new system issued that disclosed the characteristic content as if is a kind of convention, but this iPhone OS 4.0 characteristic ahead of time to make public increased this system next week the official issue possibility. According to this revelation's information, iPhone OS 4.0 has the possibility only to support iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS very much, this means first generation of iPhone the user needed to change planes. in the related specification, iPhone the OS 4.0 systems first may determine will support the operator schema which in the overall system the multi-spots touch control, this is also all iPhone anticipation part.

  In addition, iPhone the OS 4.0 systems will bring brand-new part and so on contact person as well as calendar synchronized functions, the enhancement improvement user interface and the graphic mark, will favor the user to act according to own use custom stipulation contact surface demonstration effect, meanwhile will support the multi-duty function, the strengthened backstage operating procedure. has the news to say in addition that the Apple Company in this time will move general to have 10 inch ultra big touchscreen Apple Tablet to choose a name, finally by the iTablet naming, but non-iSlate. Certainly the real part has how many not to be able to determine, hoped may obtain the good news at next week's release conference. * will support multi-duty iPhone the OS 4.0 functions to reveal today later, at the apple congress may promote the plate computer and iPhone OS officially 4.0, the outside guesses to the apple fourth generation of firmware's function and disclosed that also has reached the high tide. The other day, some insiders blew out iPhone to the media the OS 4.0 new functions to explain, if all became really, the iPhone function improvement could let the human be very gratified.

Apple iPhoneOS 4.0

In the network spreads iPhone the OS 4.0 spies according to do not support first generation of iPhone self-contradictory with it to disclose according to the insider that below iPhone OS 4.0 may have the important change:

· iPhone OS 4.0 support iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs, does not support first generation of iPhone;

· contact surface contents and so on user interface and icon will have the change, the overall style will not change;

· supports the multitaskings, the user may choose the application procedure the backstage movement;

· comprehensive multi-spots touch control the operation, namely supports the operator schema which in the overall system the multi-spots touch control; part and so on

· brand-new contact person as well as calendar synchronized functions, increase the more support procedures.

Apple iPhoneOS 4.0

The above content is the outside guessed, but such as the multitaskings, functions and so on new contact surface are everybody most hoped for that which 4.0 can bring more pleasantly surprised as for iPhone OS to us, we calmly waited for that later the apple congress will convene, the froth net handset channel will bring more most recent news for you.

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