The apple prohibits its are retail the shop sells IPhone screen diaphragm

Screen diaphragm is to contained the mark of equipment of liquid crystal screen to match, dan Ping does not like this kind of thing if really, the online shop of the closest apple and straight battalion inn can have sold without screen diaphragm. Disclose according to message personage, the transparent film of all types, include to prevent bewildered, defend action of face of dactylogram, lens, protection, adornment is both perhaps all have stick film to all must not sell, the supplier guesses this is sale attempt of the apple, basically be to reflect the durable sex of screen, in order to show the screen of malic IPhone special fight delimit. Agency thinks malic act will let industry of giant tripartite fittings be affected, manufacturer of even if fittings can sell its product through other channel, but spend to the acknowledge of the user for can have the loss that comparative.  

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