App Store rejects the software of tripartite safety on IPhone

If you still are wanting to install Kabasiji on IPhone, need not think repeatedly now. The father Eugene Kaspersky that occupies Kabasiji says, the apple had rejected them to roll out calorie of Basijian in IPhone the plan of complete software Kaspersky Labs. Blocked Ba Siji company to had negotiated two years with respect to case of this one party with the apple, result apple tells them, the apple won't let their use IPhone SDK develop mobile phone safety to use a program. Although Kabasiji has been on class of a place of strategic importance and WinMo mobile phone,rolled out their safe software. Him Kabasiji also admits, the odds that IPhone is invaded by virus is almost 0, the surface looks, the apple rejects this software fair and reasonable. But Kabasiji says, their software basically uses protection. Now, more and more enterprise users use IPhone, data security is crucial to them. Kabasiji asks in reply: "If your contact detailed list was gone to secretly by the hacker, can you be at ease? This is the risk with missing data. Turning over data to steal ability is the crucial place of our software. " additional, kabasiji also has the idea that blames system of App Store examine and verify. He says: "The way that I do not think to say an apple still is wrong to. This is culture of a kind of collaboration only. It seems that he (apple) always want to control everything. "

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