Does Paypal apply newlier " touch touch " can IPhone pay?

Paypal (Bei Bao) the IPhone software that the company updated them recently, provided not little new function. However, most let what the person finds everything new and fresh want to figure new function " collision pays " . When bilateral need trades, need to meet oneself IPhone and the other side gently only, can join with the other side instantly, can choose later " remittance " or " the requirement pays " function. Additional, the software of new version still was offerred " the inquiry pays " function, ask to pay to the other side namely. This is not to those very be good at " dun " compare for the person practical. Other function includes: - brand-new user interface and experience - plan market fund: But to the place group raise money mobile capital - the setting reminds: Let you won't forget pay rent or Zhang sheet - can cash check - Xiang Pengyou recommends software

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