A collection of selected specimens of function of the 4th acting IPhone that malic user yearns for

About the 4th generation the rumor of IPhone comes out ceaselessly, and media is right of the 4th acting IPhone guess already also had many. An abroad media summed up the functional detailed list that the client hopes to appear on the 4th acting IPhone most, in these 26 functions, some functions ever also had a rumor to had been alluded, and some also are the functions that most analyst has calculated. It is a client below most wanted function or performance detailed list: 1.OLED screen 2. Biologic solution locks up means (dactylogram solves a lock) 3. Bits loudhailer voice is again big 4. This locality supports Google Voice5.64GB type 6. SD of memory card support gets stuck 7. Support RFID8. Pack more practical, the price is more substantial 9. The possibility that has supportive HDTV 10. Support exterior clavier, resemble IPad in that way 11. Have the program that runs documentation or file, be like IFile12. Supportive blue tooth solves a lock 13. Enhance speech to control a function 14. Support WiFi 802.11n15. Dismountable type batteries 16. Compatible 4G network, or LTE17. Conference of supportive video telephone (the buy before having is photographed like the head) 18. Supportive Flash player 19. Exterior design has innovation 20. New 3D engine function increases 21. Have A4 processor 22. Improve battery life 23. Support much task 24. Business of operation of supportive much home 25. Improve signal quality 26 support FM these are the clients that media gather up comes to the desire to next generation IPhone, believe to have the desire that also is you partly. Probably the opinion that you still have oneself to the 4th acting IPhone or apiration. Expect you and we share you to be opposite together the view of function of the 4th acting IPhone or performance side.

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