With the angle belt of Milestone you ramble on the weekend malic flagship store

River Chinese spring breeze rises, austerity yesterday evening is divided, the chill of Beijing eventually can brief summary, step spring in March, all over also somewhat coruscate, believe a lot of friends to be located in the malic flagship store of 3 lis of collect of Beijing somewhat yearning, I am taking outstanding Buddhist nun everybody rambles together the flagship store in this fokelore, do not take watch for a chance, take the Android machine Milestone with the hottest instantly, the angle that uses Milestone admires analyse for you. Note: The photograph photographs a full text from Milestone, shrink besides size outside putting do not have processing basically, photograph part effect is come from take a picture software Fxcamera. More understanding clicks Android Chinese net please about this mobile phone street of bar of 3 lis of collect is located in Beijing east on the west of bridge of long rainbow of 3 annulus road, the foreigner of travel coming to Beijing knows here almost. Street of bar of 3 lis of collect will be formed in order to shop, hotel, bar, art muti_function those who be an organic whole is recreational reach culture originality area. The modern color here is very rich, the apple that is whole finds a place for store has made atmosphere bedding, look it is certain to the apple chooses here settle or have before look up sex, at least the demand that this artistic index accords with an apple basically. In glass case window, we can see huge malic IPhone, broadcasting malic IPhone uninterruptedly demonstrate video, each giant IPhone often the crowd that drawing associate with. The exterior design style of malic flagship store continued the metal in removing Macbook Pro is silver-colored, give a person the perfect confluence of bright of a kind of dry defecate and science and technology. The stream of people that move back and forth is giant to this vitreous cube look over is unforgettable. [1] [2] [3] [4] issues one page

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