Taiwan engineer " special " the IPhone that make proposes software

On March 14 message, according to Taiwan media coverage, can be IPhone taken propose? The courtship that Zhao Yuanhao of parvenu of science and technology uses IPhone software, propose to the cummer that interacts 4 years, 100 players witness this science and technology to propose art. China telecommunication held IPhone player to share in Kaohsiung yesterday meeting, inside Taipei city the lake holds the position of the engineer's Zhao Yuanhao, taking week of 26 years old of cummer attend below fragrant Yu Na, it is to go to Kaohsiung to play on name, it is to plan to propose actually. In compere assistance falls, this appears on the stage to play the game that have mutual affinity to sweethearts archives, zhao Yuanhao uses IPhone propose software, input beforehand " I Will Give You My Heart. " " Will You Marry Me? " wait for a statement, two people play vigorously, abrupt show goes out on the big screen on arena propose word, ground of affectionate fund fund illuminates Zhao Yuanhao read aloud, zhou Fangyu jeers in the player below, nod agree. Does IPhone propose software " Proposal "Will You Marry Me? "" download wants 0.99 dollars. The dot after download chooses option of the Proposal on catalog, page of meeting occurrence set, input the other side first full name, photograph and propose speech, when the other side touchs screen, can appear full name of the other side, photograph, propose ring and marry march.

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