Investigation shows: 40% blackberry user wants to change malic IPhone

According to foreign media coverage, crowd Science of company of American market research expresses, plan of 40% blackberry user changes in the future IPhone of the choice when the mobile phone. User of blackberry mobile phone is willing to change the mobile phone other mobile phone, show RIM is in the course that should challenge to coming from IPhone and Android mobile phone, fail to satisfy user requirement well. Since was rolled out 2007, IPhone altered the people understanding to the smartphone between one night almost, produced long-term effect to smartphone market. Although the blackberry mobile phone of RIM very the reception that gets business affairs public figure, but its grew speed to lag behind at IPhone last year. A discovery of Crowd Science can explain among them reason probably: The purpose of people use smartphone includes business affairs and private two kinds of utility. The IPhone user of 1/3 uses the mobile phone completely at personal use, and this one scale in blackberry user has 16% only. Only the IPhone user of 1% uses the mobile phone completely at business affairs (this not strange) , the person of 2/3 uses IPhone at illicit support of the people at the same time business affairs utility. Although blackberry is considered as best business affairs mobile phone, but only the user of 7% uses his completely at business affairs utility, and the blackberry user of 3/4 uses his at business affairs and personal use at the same time. IPhone is not the platform of exclusive mobile phone that contends for blackberry user. Since Gu Ge rolls out Nexus One mobile phone, people is interested be based on the mobile phone of Android platform more and more. The blackberry user of 32% expresses to plan to change an Android mobile phone. Crowd Science CEO makes an appointment with writing · Martin (John Martin) expresses: "Findings shows, IPhone is not the only brand that attracts blackberry user. Blackberry serves as a brand, provide some user faithfulness to spend without place of platform of other mobile phone. " the IPhone of 90% and user of Android mobile phone express, change the mobile phone that original platform still can choose when the mobile phone in the future.

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