Business of application development of not clear IPhone takes no account of Android retail mode

According to foreign media coverage, smule company is a company of well-known IPhone application development, this company expressed to won't consider to develop applied program for Android inside the near future recently. Smule company is a company of very successful IPhone application development, pop chart downloads to go up in the application 2009, this company has two application the platoon is advanced 10. In the meantime, entirely need pays fee the application that this company develops, at present the application paying fee of this company downloaded a quantity to had achieved 1 million 4, this brought much money and the attention that invest a company for this company. This company is achieved from Xiasida easily recently cast (Shasta Ventures) invest with Bai Shang of Bessemer Venture Partners() wait for 135 million dollar of company procuration note endowment. But Jeff Smith of this company collective author is being accepted now when interviewing, state Smule near future won't consider to develop application for Android. Although the market share of Android is growing,he discloses, and the company such as Gu Ge also is undertaking popularizing with all one's strength, but retail to its now pattern is not clear, think to there won't be the opportunity of gain inside the near future, and because Android is the system of much platform of over or across, because this is checking a respect to need very high cost, so Android is not among plan of this company near future. Additionally Jeff Smith still expressed the confidence to IPad, he thinks IPad will be an epoch-making product, redefine computer and recreation, after he expresses to be rolled out in IPad, its company is affirmation process of IPad development application.

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