Company of times China offer will be IPhone wireless network provides a service

Wired enterprise serves times China accept senior vice president overcomes Lin Si of division of thunder case · (Craig Collins) expresses, this kind of business that the name is wireless return trip already became this company to grow the fastest business. Research organization GeoResults predicts, industry of cable television of whole United States, the battalion that comes from mobile operation business closes to will reach 3.6 billion dollar 2012. Kelinsi expresses: "Wireless return trip is a business that we are expanding hard. Mobile operation business hopes to obtain bandwidth with inferior value, our establishment can help them do not have seamed implementation this. " the data according to committee of American federal communication, american smartphone user grew nearly 700% in going 4 years. And as increasing user use IPhone, blackberry and Android mobile phone send a picture, watch the video, Internet that browse, the use volume of mobile data business rises considerably. Once the network produces congest, the user can drop a word, cannot open a webpage possibly. Murphy of · of case of thunder of Sanford Bernstein analyst gram is special (Craig Moffett) points out: "Wireless return trip is the first line of defence that answers pressure of wireless network function. " the estimation according to this orgnaization, double the network resource that IPhone drains is other smartphone, this makes the network of AT&T faces very great pressure. This one problem is highlighted particularly in a few big cities, AT&T wireless business is in charge of Ralph Delaweijia (Ralph De La Vega) will be mentioned last year in December, new York and san Francisco are put in network problem. Times China offer is wired and current return trip circuitry is offerred to serve in new York. This company rejects to divulge whether AT&T is this firm client, state hope and the operation business of all sorts of dimensions cooperate merely. Nevertheless, times China accept is wired CEO Gelun Bulite (the problem of IPhone network discharge that Glenn Britt) ever mentioned AT&T in the telephone conference last year December.  

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