Malic new patent: IPhone will become all-purpose remote controller

In a newest patent, the apple revealed an application that has function of current remote controller. Of course, this program that can direct facility of home appliance of A/V of IPhone remote control needs to cooperate a converter to turn into IPhone instruction infra-red signal, the RedEye Mini that we had introduced recently is one of this kind of fittings. This patent still showed a few operations that involve domestic automation, the function includes to control what furnace of many rooms medium baking temperature and lamp act the role of to leave shut. Patent description still shows, apple TV will can move at present FrontRow broadcasts the other software besides the interface, for example application of guide of browser of mail, webpage, program or play network. Pass the content in patent, the OK and clear application prospect that sees an apple reach Apple TV to the IPhone in family expenses environment expresses great expectations. Partial function appears in formal product ought to be time problem only.

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