The apple increases IPhone application to sell the window to develop personnel

According to foreign media coverage, a card that Amuer Musa publishs on Twitter from Return7 forum makes clear IPhone development staff, the sale window function that the apple had increased an IPhone application software that sells them to develop personnel now, concessional development staff but the sale price with own and temporary different set. Macworld had affirmed this new function. According to the report, applied process develops personnel can set is in certain time Duan Li, the applied program that can design to them undertakes hitting folding selling, and development staff enjoys certain discount. Although sales promotion product go up instantly worn process estimation won't come true instantly temporarily. But the design product that new function develops the help him sales promotion with better personnel, and the sale of sales promotion plans also the transmission with rapid aux will be able to, have tremendous advertisement effect. The sells the window delay that because mistake is caused,still can prevent or shift to an earlier date. It is reported, development staff must refer concerned application material to the apple, but still not be clear about concerned content at present. The personage inside course of study thinks, although this new function was opposite the apple reachs with development staff before this " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " have any changes, but improve this of the apple, can regard be pair of development staff to had been shown. The apple hopes to build with development friendly collaboration concerns between personnel.

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