Can let IPhone escape from prison directly decode implement: IDongle

An electronic engineer developed to be decoded according to weighing what can let IPhone escape from prison directly recently implement. According to introducing, this equipment can offer escape from prison to accord with conditional IPhone, also can start card smoothly to be in those who resume pattern already mobile phone of escape from prison. In addition this is decoded implement use 9V batteries power supply, the user need not join computer can restart the IPhone of edition of escape from prison. The person that the product is developed expresses, decode implement applicably at random one runs OS 3.1, 3.1.1 or the IPhone 3GS of 3.1.2 and IPod Touch of 2 generation, 3 generation. The user still can undertake through USB join firmware is updated. At present this IDongle still is in prototype to develop level, predict final price is 40 dollars about.

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