UniCom IPhone publicizes transition: Software application just is good sense

After afterwards launchs guidepost and offensive of propaganda of CCTV IPhone advertisement, uniCom IPhone advertisement is defended in each district again inspect if emerge is like,appear with cable television channel, and the specific application that content already turned to all sorts of IPhone, this action shows UniCom is right IPhone already by famous spend figure conduct propaganda to turn to be publicized for IPhone product function, outstanding IPhone application software is rich sell a site, the hope decreases to regard IPhone as situation of 2G mobile phone. IPhone publicizes new offensive before this, will begin on November 20 from last year, chinese UniCom is mixed in city of countrywide most provincial capital city of plan only kind is comprehensive and densely covered IPhone advertisement, basically be aimed at these whole nations of main big city wait booth guidepost advertisement. In the meantime, in CCTV each channel also sends ad greatly. And since the last ten-day of a month in December, the branch started the road of IPhone whole nation of impetus huge to act again related Chinese UniCom. This the way develops will involve countrywide majority main city, undertake to the user in these cities IPhone true machine demonstrates to experience with the function directly. Occupy the TV inside course of study additionally to monitor an orgnaization to divulge, actually, IPhone advertisement is in the TV station of and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing limelight strong; is in the province such as Anhui, Fujian, Shandong, Liaoning is defended inspect go up to also monitor IPhone ad in great quantities. Additional, the TV station of many places is wired, already saw figure of advertising of new edition IPhone in the second line city such as Tianjin, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Jinan, for example 2 of Tianjin TV station, 3, quadruplet, 5 have IPhone ad. Content of IPhone TV ad transforms Notable is, content of IPhone TV ad changes, before " famed be inferior to meeting " it is guidepost advertisement and TV ad it seems that advocate hit propagandist sign, and already gave place to nowadays " can do everything almost, this is IPhone " this word. Watch IPhone TV ad carefully, its leave piece inform namely " IPhone has had program of 100 thousand application " , it is a few specific application of IPhone next, advertisement word includes " some tells you equal flight number, some persuades you to trade at any time, some tells you the harships outside, some tells you brandish asperses sweat, it is easier to still can look around, scan at any time etc " . This IPhone TV ad is reminding his it seems that " UniCom edition " characteristic, the buy inside the IPhone that sells in home already Chinese UniCom makes meticulously " fertile.3G " business, be like music of TV of mobile phone information, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone postal service hall of city of book of newspaper, mobile phone, mobile phone. UniCom is reminding an user, IPhone is smartphone of business affairs of a high end, it is computer of shift of a diminutive, can enjoy the life, mobile office at any time and place in countrywide each district. IPhone is the biggest sell a site: 3G net fast + the category that application released IPhone TV ad to also may increase Chinese with shop of malic company APP right now chooses to concern. It is reported, want to land APP with IPhone only now, the website identifies indication Chinese interface automatically, a lot of more convenient than before, if buy,collect fees software, the thing that can play is more, it is OK that the VISA card that has piece of international registers name of an APP Zhang. And, 3G high speed gets online convenient be being abounded with software application is IPhone is the biggest sell a site. There still are many people that insert 2G card to use in 3G edition IPhone at present, use IPhone when 2G speech phone namely, this lets a lot of UniCom IPhone functions cannot come true. Play turn the user of IPhone can discover, IPhone the in carrying a palm computer with a powerful function, can replace at present the computer function of 90% , this is equal to everybody in the pocket from now on much a mobile computer, the Yuan Chao of the speed that start that adds IPhone crosses computer, although be in the home, if not be to get online for long, just check check the information, webpage that browse or hair hair mail to use IPhone enough. But this is to be based on the foundation of 3G network to go up, if be used on 2G network only, cannot realize such experience. Regard a top class 3G mobile phone as 2G mobile phone, just will use call hair short message, cannot enjoy Internet through high speed 3G at any time and place wonderful world, such use means was not necessary to cost so much money to go after actually modern. This also may be UniCom makes new edition IPhone advertisement, wide the account that uses figure to make IPhone.

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